Does the universe have an absolute center?

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Does the universe have an absolute center?
« on: 12/07/2016 10:30:44 »
Does the universe have an absolute center?
   The Einsteinian universe is a strange universe created by a fantastic mathematical mind. It has no center and exists as a space time puzzle. Such is the mind of a mathematician. The universe we live in is a physical universe. As such it started at a center point and the center point remains today. Thus a physical universe has an absolute center no matter what the mathematicians might think. It is just funny that people can be convinced to believe imaginary universes of strange properties.
   A physically realizable universe cannot be a strange space time imaginary entity. Ordinary physics should suffice to describe the universe. We got to the moon using Newtonian type equations. Einsteinís electrical theory equations surely predicted the bending of light around the sun. All this proves is that light is modified by the gravitational field of the sun. Thus the light wave bends. It does not prove we live in a strange universe.
   A big bang explosion will produce a sphere of mini black holes all around the center. The subsequent explosion of these mini black holes will produce galaxies which appear on a spherical plane and all will be approximately a distance Ru from the absolute center. In addition since we can only see 13.78 billion years, the universe could be a much larger spherical plane. If the plane rotates, it will turn into an ellipsoid. Thus simple practical physics can produce a universe that we observe.