Do we live in a multi-light-speed universe?

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Do we live in a multi-light-speed universe?
« on: 12/07/2016 11:02:40 »
Do we live in a multi-light-speed universe?
  The general dot-wave theory solution is that of a multi-light-speed universe. The simple solution is that of a single light speed universe. The simple solution is a ball of energy in which prior to the big bang the energy was all spherical and homogeneous in nature and any intelligence was singular. Homogeneous intelligence became heterogeneous intelligence of which we are composed. The intelligence we generate will in turn return to collective intelligence as the universe slowly reconverts into spherical forms of energy. Then it will compress again for the next cycle. The cycle time of the universe being 1088 billion years based upon a normalized time clock. Since time stretches with time, the cycle time by our clock ticks approaches infinity.
  The general solution is a spectrum of light speeds going up to near light speed infinity. The big bang then is a series of big bangs from a common center point. This produces a spectrum of universes which are separated in distance from the common center.
   The spectrum of light speeds could be 0.25C, 0.5C, C, 2C, 4C, 8C etc. The lower light speed universes would be closer to the absolute center whereas the higher light speed universes would be further away from the absolute center. The proton mass and charge would be higher for the lower light speed universes. As we move upward toward light speeds near infinity, no protons would be produced and we get photonic universes.
   Higher intelligent creatures such as man would appear on all physical universes. The photonic universes tend to be mental structures. We have a window of life and as man dies out here, man will move up to higher levels of existence. At the higher universes life tends to be perpetual. Finally at the highest level, individual existence tends toward collective existence.
   Eventually the multi-light-speed universe turns into homogeneous intelligence and the entire spectrum of light speeds becomes a singular intelligence and returns to the pinpoint for the next cycle. The multi-light-speed solution is a rather interesting philosophical solution. It is merely a more fancy intelligence machine with many possibilities.