Can we produce a proton to photon rocket engine?

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Can we produce a proton to photon rocket engine?
« on: 13/07/2016 15:18:27 »
Can we produce a proton to photon rocket engine?
  As shown in my sci-fi novel “Futureoids”, the way to reach the stars with other planets requires an engine that can bring the spaceship up to speeds of 0.2C to 0.5C. Even at these speeds we need long life robots to carry the frozen sperm and eggs of man and woman to impregnate an existing chimp/ape like species to produce man.
   The question here is can we produce an engine that converts the proton into photonic energy? It takes tremendous linear/orbital energy to break apart a proton and or produce proton/antiproton combinations. Using cyclotrons is no way to achieve an engine. So is it possible?
  The only possibility is to unbalance the binding energy of the proton. Evidently the quarks we find from the breakup of the proton may exist within the proton or merely are byproducts. Most of the energy is in spherical waves within the proton. If we unbalance these spherical waves we may be able to get more energy out of the process than we put in. thus we have to develop spherical photonic laser fields and spherical laser electromagnetic fields. Then it may be possible to get individual protons to break apart within the engine. What do you think?