DNA switches can change electron energy levels , but physicist's cannot change

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... the energy levels.
Physicists cannot change energy levels in tissue to make it transparent, but animals can, with DNA switches with evolution.
What's the secret, a physicist can not change energy levels in human tissue, to make it translucent, or transparent.
Three photon microscopy is a clear example of the limitations physicists have.
But animals like Glass Frog, Phronima, Barreleye fish, and jellyfish, see it as a advantage to being transparent, for example the belarreleye fish has its eyes inside its head.
So the DNA switches evolve to make them transparent, which means that DNA switches have the ability to change electron energy levels.
Electron energy levels changing is a behavior that is observed, but cannot necessarily be controlled.
If it could you would see transparent patients in hospitals, because it would have a lot of medical applications.
The point I am trying to make is DNA switches seem to have the answer, and have the capability of changing electron energy levels, something that is seemingly impossible to do.
I am grateful for your help, anything helps even a few words.


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Quote from: Timemachine2
DNA switches have the ability to change electron energy levels.

I guess:
  • If we lived entirely in the water, we would not need an opaque, calcium-rich skeleton.
  • ...and if we disposed of this energy-intensive brain, and got rid of the muscles that have made us the top predator in land habitats, we would not need an opaque, iron-rich bloodstream.
  • If we lived well below the surface, we would not need the opaque melanin layer to absorb UV light.
  • Humans are already fairly hairless (for a mammal), but with a lower metabolism we could dispose of all the hair
  • If we were cold-blooded, we would not need such large stores of insulating fat, and large organs to digest lots of food.
  • But all our enzymes would need to be modified so they worked well at ocean temperatures (eg 10-20C) instead of 37C.
That sounds to me like a lot of DNA switches & genetic modifications to make us transparent.
And the product in the end would hardly be human - in fact, it might look very much like a jellyfish.