What is our true reality?

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What is our true reality?
« on: 14/07/2016 09:37:29 »
What is our true reality?

Author Alan McDougall 2007

(This is an imaginary essay about what I think might reflect the truth of how we humans fit into reality)

The essential you, or your whole real essence, is a field of pure primordial energy we call awareness. It is the I am that which interacts with its own self (Soul) and then becomes both mind/brain and body.

The Universe is said to exist because some consciousness is looking at it

In other words, you are consciousness or spirit, which then conceives, constructs, governs, and becomes the mind/brain and the body. The real you is inseparable from the patterns of intelligence that permeate every fiber of creation, however, our universe was created as a duality, therefore, we can choose to do good or choose to do evil.

At the deepest level of existence, you are a finite Being that will inherit the universe because in fact, and you are nowhere and everywhere at the same time. There is no other “you” than the entire cosmos. The Universe + cosmic mind creates as an every gone path all that there is in our the physical universe, changing state, over and over again as our personal mind/brain (Soul) experiences it.

In truth, the cosmic mind and our personal mind are both permeated by “the Universe of Infinite Consciousness”. “the Universe the Infinite Consciousness” is our source, and all manifestation is inherent within it.

“the Universe the Infinite Consciousness” observing itself creates the notion of an observer or the soul; the process of observation, or the mind; and that which is observed, or the body and the world.

The observer and the observed create relationships between themselves; this is space. The movement of these relationships creates events; this is time. But all these are none other than the “the Universe the Infinite Consciousness” itself.

In other words, we are “the Universe the Infinite Consciousness” with a “localized point of view” An aspect or facet of the great reality we call the Universe.

The “the intellect of the physical brain” imprisons us momentarily in a cage of fictitious images, a web of space, time, and causation. As a result, we lose touch with the true nature of our reality, which is powerful, boundless, immortal, and free.

The intellect of the brain”. Mistakes the image of reality for reality itself. It squeezes the soul into the volume of a body, in the span of a lifetime, and now the spell of mortality is cast. The image of the self-overshadows the unbounded Self, and we feel cut off or disconnected from “the Universe the Infinite Consciousness”, our source.

Although you now exist in the clothing of your soul, (your mortal body) ,you are in reality a non-material soul and therefore not subject to the limitations of space, time, matter, and causation.

The soul, the consciousness is, in fact, the true reflection of who you really are

 In this very moment, you are surrounded by a pure consciousness. Pure consciousness illuminates and animates your mind and body, and it is powerful, nourishing, invincible, unbounded, and free. Pure consciousness, “the Universe the Infinite “

Eternal Spirit”, animates and sustains everything in existence, which means it is omniscient (all knowing), omnipresent (present in all locations simultaneously), and omnipotent (all powerful). “And when we learn and grow and evolve into understanding we shall be all those things also, indeed co- creators with the Universe

By Alan McDougall 2008

The Truth remains the Truth regardless of our beliefs or opinions the Truth is always the Truth even if we know it or do not know it (The Truth remains the Truth)


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Re: What is our true reality?
« Reply #1 on: 16/07/2016 22:19:17 »
   Your words are philosophical and poetic. They speak a truth that you perceive.Is it possible?  Yes, it could be. For myself I look for physical reality. Is it physically realizable? Does it reflect the present physical universe? Since I have several different solutions, your ideas will fit into one model of God and the Universe.