Friendly debate hits a bit of dead end

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Friendly debate hits a bit of dead end
« on: 15/07/2016 01:49:24 »
I've got a friend who has always claimed to "have a problem with science" which is that "most things" cannot be without a doubt, definitely proved. Now of course, science never claims to be able to prove anything with 100% accuracy however it gives us an extremely well backed-up/supported view of how our universe functions.

Now we tend to debate quite alot of the validity of science as a whole. I'm of the stance that the scientific method is really the only tool that we have to "prove" (obviously not entirely, but too a large degree of accuracy) things about the world around us. However each debate tends to devolve into my friend giving the argument of "if you're not there to experience it firsthand it can't be proved". Now that's a seemingly innocent enough statement, yes it makes sense, but he applies it to things such as the Big Bang and evolution. He claims that as nobody was there to experience the Big Bang theory that it is simply complete speculation. He completely discredits all evidence in the form of research into the CMBR and the expansion of the universe and the Hubble constant etc. His argument is that even though we may know that the universe is expanding it doesn't make the existence of the Big Bang any more likely as nobody has experienced the Big Bang first-hand.

This isn't just a matter of healthy skepticism, it's him refusing to accept anything as legitimate just because he has not seen it first hand.

If anyone would like to weigh in on the situation and maybe help with any ways in which I could explain how although science cannot prove anything for certain it doesnt mean you should discredit it, that'd be great thanks!


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Re: Friendly debate hits a bit of dead end
« Reply #1 on: 16/07/2016 22:26:34 »
   Science not only deals with the complex concepts such as big bang or special relativity but with concrete things such as transistors. Without science we would not have tv's, artificial body parts, medicine, etc. There is always a partnership between scientists and engineers to produce interesting things such as the ring laser gyro, the atom bomb, rockets to the moon. Thus we do not have to debate whether so much of science is true or false.
   The proof of the pudding is in the eating and without science we would still be in the caves.