Did God die at big bang?

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Did God die at big bang?
« on: 16/07/2016 13:36:08 »
Did God die at big bang ?
  The universe oscillates from a near infinite size to a minimum size when an explosion occurs. Then the ball of energy expands toward infinity in which protons and electrons explode and return to photonic energy. This reaches a maximum size and takes the shape of spheres of energy. The spheres compress and the universe returns to a small radius which explodes again.
  The compressive stage produces a homogenous intelligence which is a physical mind. God then is the mind of the universe prior to the big bang. The big bang converts this homogeneous intelligence and energy into heterogeneous forms of intelligence and energy.
  What is left of God? It is possible that God perished during the big bang. However it is more likely that a portion of God became embedded in space and time. This would occur within the gravitational fields of the various planets. The result would be a spiritual driving force within the body of the Earth that would drive the Darwinian evolutionary process to produce life and man.
   As various people evolve upon the Earth, sensitive individuals will reach out to the God of the Earth which is a collective intelligence.  Each will perceive God differently and many religions will form. Each will think that their religion is true and others false. However religions are the subjective product of the interface between each prophet and the collective intelligence of the Earth.
   Thus although it is possible that God died at big bang, it is my opinion that a remnant of God survived to bring data to man. From the religions of man it appears to me that the message from God to man  can be produced by three laws. “You shall create just laws and live by them”. “You shall love your fellow man as your brother”. Finally “You shall seek the truth and speak the truth”. The first two laws are common to all religions. The last law is dedicated to the scientific community. Thus when we add science to the religions of man, we get the total message from God to man.