What is the natural God?

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What is the natural God?
« on: 17/07/2016 13:59:31 »
What is the natural God?
  Religious people tend to believe in a supernatural God. This is a God of miraculous powers. Such a God would have to exist in a complex coexisting universe with energies lead up toward light speed infinity. The natural God is different. It is a property of a single light speed universe. It is the intelligence within the universe that creates both man and beast.
   The natural God has the properties of memory. It also tends to perfect life and existence. As the universe cycles over and over again the DNA structure of life is remembered. The Darwinian process for the production of man is guided by the memory of man embedded within space and time. This is a fine feedback process while the Darwinian crude process provides the energy. This similar to a feedback amplifier.
  Man then returns to life forever all over the universe where viable planets form. Since we are on a DNA chain, clones of each of us will always appear on various planet Earths forever. Thus an exact copy of us is eternal.
  The natural God forms upon every viable Earth. Within the gravitational fields in dark energy exists the mind of the Earth. We feed into this mind and this mind feeds back into us. It enters our inner brain. Some of us may hear the voice of God through our inner minds. The religions of man tend to be subjective. Each encounter with the natural God will be interpreted in an infinity of different ways. Thus the religions of man become a spiritual flower with each religion thinking they have the one truth whereas they all represent some common truths and subjective opinions of the prophets. This causes wars and hatred between the religions of man.
  The natural God represents us all both believer and atheist. It is the collective mind of the Earth. It is not a supernatural God but a memory God. Prior to the big bang, it was a singular mind. After the big bang it became a heterogeneous mind and each of us is one little part of this mind.