Do we have a soul?

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Do we have a soul?
« on: 19/07/2016 16:05:48 »
Do we have a soul?
   Religious man believed that we had a soul and that this soul would exist after we are dead. Thus when we die some part of us still exists. This enables us to move on to future earthly or heavenly existence. How is this possible? In order for this to be possible, we need to have a part of us that still exists in light speed C photonic energy. This is readily possible in the dot-wave theory because the protons of our existence are very hot and radiate photonic energy constantly. This causes the universe to expand and a back pressure which is gravity.
   An image of us in radiated photonic energy always exists. We die and we still exist and are able to think within the dark energy of the universe. The center of this energy is the center of this Earth. Thus each of us flows toward the light at the center of the Earth and are absorbed. We then become part of the collective consciousness or Earth God. Heaven then is a collective memory.
  The multi-light-speed solution is more complex. There is still an image of us in photonic energy which heads toward the center of this Earth; however there is also an image of us in ultra-high light speed photonic energy.  This enables us to be part of the cosmic reincarnation process. We can be reincarnated upon this Earth as our soul is transferred to a new fetus. In addition we can be transmitted to a new Earth at this level of existence. Finally we can be transmitted to a new Earth at a higher light speed level of existence. Over many lifetimes we can reach the highest levels of existence surrounding the Godhead at light speeds near infinity.