Why do we get random itches?

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Why do we get random itches?
« on: 20/07/2016 04:50:01 »
Brigid Redmond  asked the Naked Scientists:
   I/ we listen avidly ,& regularly to your programmes on Talk Radio Europe in Spain where we live & I have been meaning to ask a couple of questions of you knowledgeable folk for some time.I trust you won't consider them too simple? ? Why do we get itches? I sometimes itch in the middle of the night & sometimes they have a knock on affect & set off another ...........
Secondly, why does my washing machine drawer get dirty after a wash when I am putting in detergent to clean my clothes in that same drawer ? ? Hope these are not too stupid questions? I never understood science at school so that will explain my ignorance .......Many thanks for all your fascinating programmes,& keep them coming. Even an ignoramus like me can follow them as they are always explained so well.....Sincerely,

What do you think?
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