Could aliens be using collapsed stars for energy?

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Mo Islam asked the Naked Scientists:
   Pulsar Planets,

I will admit I am a big Sci-Fi fan and do believe there are "space aliens" out there somewhere.  Saying that I have a question on a non-theory posed when found extrasolar objects found around a pulsar.

I know there are debates, is it even possible to have an extrasolar object after an explosion that would render the solar system destroyed?  And there are theories: the remaining dust would re-coalesce and form these planets around these pulsars.

But what if!  And I do mean what if!  They weren't planets at all.  What if spacefaring civilization is using these collapsed stars as a source of free energy?

Imagine putting in a large "collector" of some kind in the path of a pulsar to harness some significant amount of energy to use for whatever they needed.  If a Pulsar is outputting 52.3 quathordecillion Joules(, even if you can capture a fraction of that power it's immense!!  I would if I needed free power.

So what if we are staring at objects of alien made on PSR B1620-26 or PSR B1257 12(  What do you think?
What do you think?
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