Has The Naked Scientists moved to a new time on RN?

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Ian Weldon

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Ian Weldon  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Listening to the radio this afternoon, I was surprised and pleased when the Naked Scientist came on Radio National in Perth WA at 3.00 pm.  A great improvement on 4.00 am which I slept through today.

Is this a permanent change? I nearly met you at the recent science presentation competition at the WA Museum. However, I mixed you up with someone who I think was on the judging panel and who denied that he was you. Rightly, as it seems. That was at the interval and I had to leave soon afterwards. It was a good night although we could have done with more scientists and fewer Ministers and High Commissioners.  

It did prompt a possible question for the Naked Scientist, although perhaps not one that you would choose to broadcast, namely "Why do we need so many different scientists when Robyn Williams knows everything?" Well, I will continue to listen.   Let me know if there is anywhere to voice my support for the new time. I have a list of RN programmes that could be ditched to make room for TNS but that might not be an especially helpful approach.  

Cheers Ian Weldon  

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