Feedback: Article concerning post mortem on a cancer patient who died of bronchial pneumonia

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Elaine Smith

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Elaine Smith asked the Naked Scientists:
   This was the result given as a result of a post mortem performed on my own husband who died 51 weeks ago during the last fraction of his radio therapy.

I missed all but the last five minutes of your report, but it all sounded so familiar with the exception of the comments about affected patients not seeking help for symptoms of pneumonia.

There were, in my husband's case, no visible signs of pneumonia, and his death was sudden and shocking to his family.

After asking questions it became apparent that bronchial pneumonia is a common side effect of the treatment he was having for cancer; radio therapy and steroids.
I have not been able to understand or to establish why, if these side effects are recognised, there is no monitoring or screening for them during the treatment.

The post mortem showed no sign of the cancer so the treatment had been successful, which makes it even more sad to lose a dearly loved man in such a way.

I know that my husband received the best treatment for his cancer, but it seems wasteful of all kinds of resources, including his own emotional and physical efforts, to have eliminated the cancer and not to have been mindful of the recognised side effects which can have such devastating outcomes


Elaine Smith

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