Feedback: Stress and this morning's programme

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Feedback: Stress and this morning's programme
« on: 21/07/2016 14:23:01 »
Karen Peck asked the Naked Scientists:
I woke early this morning and I was fascinated to hear your programme today at 5am . I have just listened again at a more sensible time of day!
In the last few years I have withstood a great deal of stress and last November I found myself in hospital with a very low blood count of just 10.   I should say that this meant very little to me - I am not medically trained.

I have a possible diagnosis of ITP - all very alarming. However, I have tried to keep calm ( not easy) and I have secured an NHS referral to the Royal London Hospital. Here the Team is very reassuring and I am taking part in their research . I am now changing medication from steroids to an immunosuppressant .

I have no idea how or why this has happened to me but I know that within myself, I fully acknowledge the stress load on me. I am 55 years old, mother of 5 children who , in the last 5 years , has given up work ( which I enjoyed) to manage everyone else and including taking on the care demands of my mum who died last year age 92 and whose dementia became increasingly apparent. My husband is wonderful but has a stressful job too and is often abroad for two to three week periods - there is no patten.

Our weekend away this year was Denmark and the sense of calm and hygge struck us both.

Your programme today has really helped me to continue evaluating our lives and I would really love to share it with the research team at the Royal London. ITP and links with stress? I feel it is possible and I would love to explore this further having heard your programme today .

With many thanks

Karen Peck
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