Is the idea that saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for you a myth?

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Will Flatman asked the Naked Scientists:

   Hi naked scientists

I seem to be reading more and more about the idea that saturated fats and cholesterol are bad for us is not based on good scientific evidence. Further, the mechanism by which they act on the body seems to be misunderstood.

In fact, saturated fats may be preferable to use in cooking where heating of the fat or oil is required because they remain relatively unchanged under heat. Whereas,"healthy" vegetable oils can turn into nasty compounds when heated.

Rather, it is emerging that sugar and refined carbohydrates are the real problem.

Since the "low fat is good" idea was put forward in the 60s? Obesity and diabetes has worsened in the west. Indeed, I understand more recent studies show that reduction in dietary fat and cholesterol in populations is actually correlating with increased metabolic diseases.

Despite this, advice from doctors and governments still seems to be based on the flawed dietary fat and cholesterol hypothesis.

Could the team look into the latest research on the above and what the scientific data and latest physiological understanding is actually telling us and report in a show?

I really think there is an important health issue here that needs investigation.


What do you think?
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