Is dairy actually harmful to the human body?

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Is dairy actually harmful to the human body?
« on: 21/07/2016 18:23:02 »
sandra busell asked the Naked Scientists:
   Dear team,
Was listening to your programme this morning, including the item about brain-size relating to intelligence, it seemed to infer that we humans are more intelligent than (non-human) animals.   Are we, or is that not perhaps an assumption, based on arrogance and still not fully recognizing the capabilities and intelligence of (non-human) animals.  
I attended a Hustings a couple of days ago which was organized specifically re animal rights/animal welfare issues, with each candidate making a short statement about her/his views and what their party was intent on doing about animals-related issues.  One of the candidates said, "we are beginning to realize that animals are sentient beings".   Many of us, over countless generations, have recognized that for a long time already;  many, including those seeking to become MPs, are only beginning to catch up.
There are many things that non-human animals can do that humans can't do.   Specifically with regard to intelligence, or rather, lack of it, we are the only animal on the planet stupid enough to drink the milk of another species.   We are also the only animal on the planet stupid enough to go on drinking a food that is only intended for babies in adult life. A double whammy.   Yet many so-called health experts are so clueless and ignorant that they even encourage parents to give their children dairy milk and other dairy products.
With regard to obesity, a significant danger in a high percentage of adults and children, much has been said about sugar, while dairy products are ignored.   Obesity willnever be tackled seriously unless and until it is recognized that humans need to be dairy-free.    Dairy products are not only completely unnecessary for our health, they are completely unnatural for the human diet and cause many serious health problems, obesity being just one.
I urge the presenters and production team to read the quotes below and the numerous more quotes that can be found on the websites also listed below.   I'd hope that you will also find the time to view the Gary Yourofsky lecture, available on line.   Approximately half of it is about the ethical issues and the other half is about the health issues.   He not only tells us what foods are good and bad for our health;  he also explains why and exactly what harmful foods, including dairy products, do to the human body.  
If you have the time (something you could do in your leisure time, if you are keen to learn more about the dangers of dairy), there are a number of excellent books on the subject.   I have included one example below.
Armed with the facts, it would be an interesting item to include in a future programme, informing listeners of the dangers of dairy.   You could even make a short series, devoting a short portion of the programme each week to the health dangers of all animal foods and animal by-products in the human diet.   The evidence and science back it up - for those who have taken the trouble to research it properly.
Yours sincerely,
Vegan wishes,
Sandra Busell

The Myth of Milk  

"I would call milk perhaps the most unhealthy vehicle for calcium that one could possibly imagine, but whenever you challenge existing dogma, people are resistant.".
- Neal Barnard, MD.founder of Physicians for Responsible Medicine

"Cows' milk products are all very low in iron.  To get the US recommended daily allowance of 15mg of iron, an infant would have to drink more than 31 quarts of milk per day.  Milk can cause blood loss from the intestinal tract, which, over time, reduces the body's iron stores.".
- Neal Barnard, MD.

"Milk is a killer.  It is nonsense to give it to children.". - Sir Douglas Black.

"Far better to provide our children with an apple or an orange than milk designed for the sucklings of another species.  The drinking of cows' milk is a grotesque method of nourishment and has been clearly implicated in the aetiology of a number of health problems, including obesity, coronary heart disease, arterial thickening and related cardiovascular disorders.". - Dr. Buisseret, lecturer in medicine.

"Milk products are a major cause of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and heart attacks.  Only smoking is worse.". - Prof. Elizer Kaplinski, Head of Cardiology Department.

"Cows' milk is not suited for human consumption.  Milk causes constipation, billiousness, coated tongue, headache and these are the symptoms of intestinal auto-intoxication.  Soybean milk and nut milks are excellent substitutes and have practically the same analysis, and the danger of disease is removed.". - Jethro Kloss, "Back to Eden".

"As mastitis, a catarrh-like discharge into the milk from the inner lining of the udder, is rife in the dairy herd, antibiotics are used widely on the cows, mostly as intra-mammary preparations forced into the udder through the teat.  The British pinta is a dilute solution of pus and antibiotic residues.". - Dr. Alan Long, bio-chemist.

"Cows' milk would not be a natural food for a grown-up beast, let alone an adult human being.". - Dr. Alan Long.

"It is the biggest myth going around through two world wars that milk is full of natural goodness.". - Alastair Mackie.

"Cows' milk in the past has always been oversold as the perfect food, but we are now seeing that it isn't the perfect food at all and the Government really shouldn't be behind efforts to promote it as such.". - Benjamin Spock, MD.
"Good eating habits begin with the breast feeding of babies, since breast milk is high in poly-unsaturated fat and is the perfect natural food for babies.  Cows' milk is absolutely ideal for calves.  But human milk is four times higher in poly-unsaturated fat.  Childrens' diets must be watched.  It is no use breast-feeding a baby and then putting it on to an adult diet low in poly-unsaturated fat and high in saturated fat. This may well increase the risk of a heart attack later in life.". - Dr. Richard Turner, Senior Research Fellow in Preventive Cardiology.

"The casein content of cows' milk is 300 per cent more than is contained in mother's milk.  Casein is a milk by-product used as one of the most tenacious glues for gluing wood together.". - Dr. N.W. Walker.

As you will see from the above, even the mothers' favourite baby doctor, Dr. Benjamin Spock, to his credit, came to see the error of his ways and started speaking out against cows' milk and other dairy products for human babies.  Most doctors and other health professionals don't like to admit when they have got something wrong.  

The dairy industry has spent millions of pounds over the years brain-washing us with adverts such as "Milk is full of natural goodness", conveniently omitting to mention that it is full of natural goodness for cows' babies, the calves, not humans.  We are so used to hearing and seeing ads telling us that foods which common sense should tell us are bad for us that we mostly just accept consuming dairy products as normal and natural, whereas, the reality is that it is the very opposite of normal and natural to consume the milk of another species, just as it is not normal nor natural to consume a food that was only ever designed for and intended for babies when we are children, let alone adults.

book:"Whitewash"sub-titled:'The Disturbing Truth About Cows' Milk and Your Health',by Joseph Keon.
physicians for responsible medicine:
made up of doctors and other health professionals who recognize the many benefits of an animal-free/dairy-free diet and the many health dangers of an animal-based diet, including the many health dangers of dairy products.

What do you think?
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Re: Is dairy actually harmful to the human body?
« Reply #1 on: 22/07/2016 20:18:39 »
Until the growth of farming cows milk was indeed harmful to humans but evolution has lead to us adapting to it and it now can form a useful part of our diet, it is a pretty poor substitute for babies instead of human milk but if that is not available it is better than nothing.
Many mammals can digest the milk of other species for instance dogs feeding kittens, humans feeding dogs and pigs and hedgehogs sucking from cows.


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Re: Is dairy actually harmful to the human body?
« Reply #2 on: 22/07/2016 20:53:21 »
Quote from: Sir Douglas Black
"Milk is a killer.  It is nonsense to give it to children."
I would suggest that a newborn human who can't drink milk is likely to die without heroic nutritional efforts.

Quote from: Dr. Buisseret, lecturer in medicine.
The drinking of cows' milk is a grotesque method of nourishment.
The rapid spread of genes for lactase persistence in the human population from several epicentres suggests the opposite.
It suggests that drinking milk past infancy provides a significant boost in health for human children and adults.