What factors determine electron energy shell levels in atoms?

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It seems like a mystery how energy levels change in different atoms, and as atoms form covalent bonds to make molecules, electron energy levels change also.
As I see it there is three ways that make the electron change energy levels:

1. Energy levels are different in each atom, so is the amount of protons, neutrons a factor in the electrons energy levels.

2. As atoms form covalent bonds to form molecules, energy levels change also.

3. The further away the electron is from the nucleus, changes energy levels of the electron, as the electron is in higher shell levels.

So am I correct that distance from the nucleus, the amount of protons, and neutrons, and atoms forming molecules are all factors in electron energy levels changes.
But can you explain why, or is electron energy levels changing in electron voltage requirement just a mystery that cannot be explained.
Is it just a behavior of electrons that is observed.
I am grateful for your help, anything helps even a few words.
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