Is the Bible Holy?

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Is the Bible Holy?
« on: 23/07/2016 15:57:29 »
Is the Bible Holy?
   Believers tend to believe that the Bible comes from God. Atheists tend to believe that the Bible is merely the work of man. How can the Bible be holy? We see that the events of the Bible do not match the history of man. We also see that the Bible shows miraculous stories which appear to make no sense to us. What would make the Bible stories holy? Did the words come from God? Did the stories really happen?
  We live in a repetitive universe the big bang explodes and the universe heads toward maximum size. Then it contracts over and over again. The universe contains the property of memory. Thus man and beast are remembered forever. Each of us will live again and again forever. We will have different lives but our bodies will look the same. Our DNA codes will be the same forever.
  Let us now go back in time to an original universe of this series. We then would seek the first Earth. There everything was under the control of intelligence much superior to ours. This oscillating ball was set in motion and the first Earth formed. Intelligence from God flowed into it. Man was created and interacted with God. We were like puppets on Godís string. God was self-evident to all and miracles readily happened because God was setting things up.
   God could have destroyed the creation. Yet once man was created he was given inalienable rights by God. We were given the right to exist. Thus God did not destroy this creation but set it adrift. We now exist in a space time bubble. Man is eternal and the Bible is eternal. The religious characters return over and over again forever. There is no escape from our perpetual existence. We are left to our own devices.