What is the world made up of?

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What is the world made up of?
« on: 27/07/2016 10:37:59 »
This is 2nd part of paper (In 1st part, I proved that SR is mathematically wrong.)
This theory gives answer to following questions.
1)   What is dark matter?
2)   Dual nature of particles (Wave & particle)
3)   Why antimatter is not present in world abundantly?
4)   Total energy of photon is kinetic energy, still it is moving of electromagnetic vibration & rest mass or energy of photon is zero & also, it has wave nature? How all is this possible at one time?
5)   How can photon disintegrate into electron & positron pair and electron, positron get combine to form photon?
6)   Why does charge less particles like photons & neutron have more velocity?
7)   Many heavy but unstable particles are forming in LHC at CERN.