Can Space/Time Be Fracturizaed and Sent Into Another Space/Timeline?

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Take a photograph and print it out, you have captured int this instance protons, neutrons, electrons, anti-protons, anti-electrons, and anti-neutrons in space/time itself. This information does not disappear, instead it enters through space/time itself and creates an alternate timeline where that information is in accordinance with a new space/timeline. Here is a simple formula stating how it works. Take my theory of everything and make the information of the past travel in an infintesibaly small space/time wormhole where the information of the sub-atomic particles disappear into another space/timeline and appear into that space/timeline (Lets call it space/timeline 1 traveling into space/timeline 2, into three all the way to infinity). The memories of our brains is an evolutionary illusion, instead, the sub-atomic particles travel through other atoms and anti-atoms and transfers information of atom 1 into atom 2 into infinant number of atoms.