Why would a seizure make me take off all my clothes?

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nancy wertz asked the Naked Scientists:
   I've been diagnoised with seizures the unusual thing is that mine are not what you would call a normal seizure I lose conscience and take off all my clothes . I've wondered my apartment hallways. last week I was outside wondering outside. thank god it was late and nobody was out. what the hell is going on!!!
What do you think?
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Re: Why would a seizure make me take off all my clothes?
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Seizures can include automatism ...

Quote from: wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatism_(medicine)
In medicine, automatism refers to a set of brief unconscious behaviors. These typically last for several seconds to minutes or sometimes longer, a time during which the subject is unaware of his/her actions. This type of automatic behaviour often occurs in certain types of epilepsy, such as complex partial seizures ... In some more complex automatisms, the subject enters into the behaviors of sleepwalking while fully awake up until the moment it starts. In these episodes, which can last for longer periods of time, the subject proceeds to engage in activities s/he routinely performs, such as cooking, showering, or driving along a familiar route ...
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