Blacklight radiation and tanning

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Blacklight radiation and tanning
« on: 09/03/2007 17:32:28 »
I know that too much sunbathing can cause all sorts of skin problems. And that the fault for this lies mostly in UVa and UVb radiation. Because this is the UV spectrum, I'm wondering what happens when you're in a room which has a blacklight. These radiate near UV light, so it's written wikipedia.

Is it possible to get burns, or other injuries when standing under a blacklight? Do these lights even emit UVA/UVB waves?
Could I get a nice tan by just lying under such light?

Thanks for your help!



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Blacklight radiation and tanning
« Reply #1 on: 09/03/2007 17:45:23 »
As far as I am aware, the UV emitted by blacklight is not that much more than any light bulb would emit (in fact florescent light bulbs, including compact fluorescents, also emit UV), but the blacklight filters out all non-UV components of the light, so the only light actually getting out is UV (and these are so close to the visible spectrum that I cannot see they are going to have the effects of UVA or UVB).

Bear in mind also that some UV is healthy and necessary, it is only when you overdose on it that it becomes harmful.