Do we have a spiritual dimension?

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Do we have a spiritual dimension?
« on: 05/08/2016 00:12:11 »
Do we have a spiritual dimension?
   The general solution to the universe is a spectrum of universes of higher and higher light speeds. These universes can be separated physically so that there is little interference between them. Alternately we can have coexisting universe occupying the same space.
  One solution is a dual light speed sun and a dual light speed Earth.  If the dual light speed was 1000C for example, the mass of the dual sun would be one millionth of our suns mass for the same amount of total energy.
  Upon this earth the earth itself would have a dual Earth and our bodies would have dual components. We would then have an ordinary body and a high energy low mass spiritual body. This enables us to die in our light speed C body and still live within our 1000C body.
   As long as the dual sun kept radiating 1000C energy we can exist upon the spiritual Earth. This Earth can have a surface either below our present Earth or above it. Thus in death we could either exist 1000 miles above our present Earth or 100 miles below it.
   In death people can then reincarnate into a new fetus. Some people will be born with a fresh soul but many will be born again.  The 1000C soul will enter the fetus and some of the memory of the person will enter the forming mind of the fetus. In general in the womb the reincarnate will concentrate on his prior life but new data will enter his mind from his new mother.
   Once the child is born his eyes will focus upon this physical world and slowly his or her prior life will fade from memory. Problems arise and some of us had different prior sexual lives. Thus a man could be born with a female soul or vice versa. Over many lifetimes a person could have a wide variety of sexual configurations. Thus some people are born gay and this is normal for them.
   Many people have no belief that there is anything beyond what we can see and measure. However the general solution is not a single light speed solution but a multi-light-speed solution.
  Is it possible for many of you to believe that the universe we see and measure is only part of the total universe upon which we live? What do you think?