How are galactic black holes formed?

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How are galactic black holes formed?
« on: 05/08/2016 14:08:04 »
How are galactic black holes formed?
  The original big bang and the subsequent mini-big bangs were the result of the compression of spherical patterns of dot-waves which produced the basic particles and sub-particles. The universe was then left with dot-waves, photons, particles, and sub-particles.
  This distribution of dot-waves and particles set up an energy pump which produced the galaxies. Some black holes were the result of the explosion of the original black holes and thus are merely part of the original.  However the gas of dot-waves, particles, and sub-particles can produce new galactic black holes. How does this occur?
   Dot-waves come in three forms. There are plus and minus dot-waves and bipolar dot-waves. If you have an even distribution of dot-waves in space the electric and photonic fields will have a center and an outer boundary or outer radius. At the same time the same is true of the particle and sub-particle fields.
  This combination will tend to compress toward a pinpoint. The black hole itself is comprised of pure dot-waves while the galaxy is comprised of particles and sub-particles. We then have a gravitational/electromagnetic pump. As the galactic mass starts to compress spherical Doppler forces occur. Spherical Doppler is similar to linear Doppler Thus the Doppler mass for an object it the Einsteinian mass with Doppler effects. The frontal mass is larger than the rearward mass of a moving object. Thus the simple Doppler equations for a first order approximation are:
Mfront = MoC/(C-V)
Mrear = MoC/(C+V)
The rms value is
M = Mo /[1-(V/C)^2]^0.5
  As we approach the speed of light the frontal mass reaches for infinity while the rearward mass is really a tail of half the initial mass. At the same time we have a lot of linear momentum as well.
   The orbital Doppler equations are similar and the same is true of the spherical Doppler Equations. However the Spherical Doppler is more complex to write. That is left for the mathematicians to accomplish.
  We then have two effects. The compression and explosion of the dot-waves and space dust results in the galaxy formation and at the same time one or more black holes in the center of the galaxy. The black holes are formed by the dot-waves operating according to the spherical Doppler. This provides a dark matter distribution of a black hole in the center and the tail leading up to the original outer spherical radius.  This tail will have a distribution of dark matter such that the dark matter density will increase the further away from the black hole you go. This effect is caused by the spherical Doppler Effect.
  The exact analysis requires the scientists and mathematicians to understand the Spherical Doppler and write the more complex equations for it. In addition to the Doppler mass, there are also Doppler lengths and times which are different in the front and rear. The net result is a complex space time problem for the formation of the black holes and galaxies. Some people believe that the black hole is made from different stuff than dark matter but everything in the universe is made from only three basic things which are plus dot waves and minus dot-waves and bipolar dot waves. Then there are three different momentums which are linear, orbital, and spherical. This gives us nine different basic configurations of waves. Once we add these nine basic configurations we get an infinity of possible combinations of things since everything can have different amounts of the dot-waves and momentums.