Why are our sights on technology only looking 2 steps ahead?

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Hello to all who read this post,

I will start by stating that I am very ignorant to much of what I will discuss and anything that I pose as "fact" is only fact because I have yet to find a different answer myself so any corrections will be appreciated.

Moving on though, many are familiar with "The Human Brain" project and what they are trying to accomplish. Now assuming we can digitize the brain in a way that it can contain consciousness, we effectively create an immortal object that is powered by energy.

The next issue becomes energy. How can we supply ourselves with an unlimited amount of energy without needing the earths materials specifically? (More on that later)

My first thought was to capture light. If light is part of the electro-magnetic spectrum then it is also electric and electricity can by directed (though instructing electricity is still a bit tricky). The issue mainly comes in that we require the sun for light. The other stars are too far away to capture and we would then have to find an efficient way to store light. So without totally giving up on it I put that to the side and considered my next option, Nuclear reactions.

The issue here being one to contain the energy and two to prevent radioactive issues in the production of this energy. As far as containing it there exists a study on a new element created through the atomic fusion of hafnium, nitrogen, and carbon. With this element having a melting point of over 7400 F, it could be possible to withstand multiple nuclear reactions and contain it all in a singular space. at this level we would convert the force (explosive energy) into a consumable form of power for the vessel (i.e. the digitized brain). My issue here is converting the energy as well as doing so in a relative small enclosure.

I have considered heat as well as a viable source of energy but haven't been able to consider a proper storing method as there hasn't yet been a way to convert heat 100% into energy. Closer to 70% at best.

Assuming we effectively accomplish a means to both digitize the brain as well as provide an unlimited supply of energy we then can look at the possibility of light speed. The human form is too fragile to withstand the force of moving at speeds of 186,000 mi/sec. As a digital form though we become energy and thus eliminate the issue of one becoming plasma and two of reconstruction of the physical form.

Assuming even further that all goes well up to this point and we achieve light speed, we then have the possibility of time travel. It isn't possible to create something that didn't exist in the past from the future. Energy on the other hand has existed for all time from the creation of the universe (however you believe it happened is up to you) and thus can altered through light speed energy waves coming into contact with future or past energy waves. To move at the speed of light is close to being akin to moving at the speed of time (let that contradiction sit in your head a bit).

Even further still if we could travel at light speed we can travel across galaxies and further than that, convert matter into new objects or even new life. Essentially what I'm saying is, if we can accomplish converting mankind into digital forms, we open the door to becoming "Gods."

Now as profound and fantastical as all this sound, there are more than a few holes to point at in this theory but the first step of realizing the "Chappie" effect means we open all these doors to so many new realms of possibility.