Is there any news of a new photocell that can turn CO2 into fuel?

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asked the Naked Scientists:
   I have read recently that some researchers have developed a "photocell" that can take CO2 from the atmosphere and form hydro carbon fuel. I half expected this to be included in your broadcast this morning. Have you got any further news on this topic or is it too much in its infancy to be thought of as useful at present?

Tim Allen

What do you think?
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I also saw this on 'men in sheds' with James May a few years ago..

I believe it is also possibly to do this with chemistry but due to energy requirements is not even worth bothering with (If it takes you 10MW to make 5MW fuel.. whats the point? Unless that 10MW is free of course)


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They are called trees and I believe they are not that new.