When is the optimal time post-vaccination to measure MMR titres?

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Bryon Giddens-White asked the Naked Scientists:
I am a nurse in Chicago. The mother of a patient asked when is the optimal time to get the titre for the MMR vaccine to prove immunity.

I could not find anything on the internet to help answer this question. I would love to know the answer and the science behind it. Thanks.
What do you think?
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Off the top of my head, a month, probably more to be safe. Reasons for this are that the vaccine has live attenuated virus particles, meaning the virus can still infect you but it won't do harm. So it takes a while for the virus to go through all it's cycles because it is still alive and for the immune system to recognize it and grant immunity to the host.

cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd-vac/mumps/vac-faqs-tech.htm says 80%+ people have immunity after a month.