How much Internet bandwidth do analytic grabs take up?

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Ramin Samadani asked the Naked Scientists:
   On the show "Make it digital!" there was a wonderful discussion on how internet ad services and analytics grab information from user browsing.

My question is: how much of the total bandwidth of the internet do these services take up?

In other words, if I go to the guardian web page and look at a news article, that results in a certain amount of bandwidth, but how much extra is used by the "silent companies" that are also linked to on that page?

Your shows are intellectually enriching, and often raise follow up questions (like the one above). Is there a mechanism for follow up on your shows, or an online community to discuss further?

Thanks, Ramin

PS I just love your show! Thank you.

What do you think?
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Re: How much Internet bandwidth do analytic grabs take up?
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There are advert blocking addons for internet browsers , (e.g. uBlock ),
which tell you the a percentage of internet-bandwidth saved by blocking advertisements ...

I suspect the analytic data will only be a tiny fraction of that blocked percentage.
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