Is this a sensible argument for time not existing?

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simon humphreys  asked the Naked Scientists:
    "Time Does Not Exist" theory in bullet point format :    

        there is no such thing as the concept of time, as in past, present and future. There is present (call it experienced present [Ep] which equates to "past"), now present (call it [Np] as in "now") and present again (call it un-experienced present [Up] which equates to the "future".

        we are travelling through each present, in the same way that a ripple travels through pond water, after a pebble has been thrown in. The Big Bang theory would have us believe the pebble(big bang) caused a ripple with nothing behind it but the "past" andnothing ahead but the "future". But as we know, there is pond water behind and pond water head and the ripple is also pond water, but with a force[Np] running through it.

        there is no end and no beginning, just the existence of present. If there is no "pebble in thepond", as I maintain what causes Np? (which is also the 4th dimension, bythe way - of maybe 5, 6, or 7 dimensions). This is answered by the Parallel Universe [PU] theory (not mine, but part of my bigger picture)

        there are an infinite number of parallel universes, each with parallel galaxies and solar systems all like our own with exactly the same number of atoms - however each one varies slightly from another, every event has a possible alternative outcome and every outcome a parallel universe, so somewhere King Harold is getting an arrow in the ear and not the eye., etc, and somewhere a manned space station is orbiting Mars. Somewhere there is an exact replica Universe, but with one grain of sand in a slightly different location. There is also another world where everything is different apart from that one grain being in the same location.The more alike these PU's are, the more they attract, creating a force or current when they synchronize, or lock into one another's energy. The less alike they are, the weaker this force.

        The force created by two(almost identical apart from one grain of sand / atom) PU's, is what sets the Np in motion - the ripple in the pond. These Np's may occur every five minutes,every million years, who knows. We may be in the only one ever created?  

        Consider an unbroken egg in a bowl and still in its shell [Np]. You know that it is also (going to be in conventional thought) a broken egg in a bowl with two half shells next to it. When thathappens it will also be [Np]. You will no longer experience the whole egg [Ep]but it is still there, in the same way that in the old movie house you saw one frame at a time. The frames in the top reel were still there, as were the frames in the bottom reel, we just didn't experience the "future and past" frames at that moment of "now present" viewing.    

As an aside, If we call the journey of Np a ripple, or a lightning bolt, is a fork in that lightning, briefly allowing is to visit Ep and then return again to the main bolt.    

And dreams? Our brains have defenses, there to stop us constantly thinking of things that may detract from our every day survival like death, is there a god, etc. Every day sunlight, is tranquil, uniform and ordered just like our everyday thoughts. When we sleep, our natural thought defenses are down, so the natural thoughts /sunlight become distorted and dysfunctional, the Np force affects our minds in much the same way as the solar energy (sunlight) is deflected and distorted at the poles by the magnetic field so dreams are our brain's own Northern Lights - disjointed, dysfunctional, erratic and spectacular.    

There it is. Seems just as reasonable as once upon a time there was a super condensed atom, which exploded with a"Big Bang".    

Time Travel? Possible in theory, because of the above, but impossible in practice. In order to visit Ep or Up, you would have to move matter, which would upset the equilibrium of the PU. This would naturally stop Np (current) flowing, so sorry Dr Who, it can't be done.    

Regards.    Simon Humphreys. (Noordhoek - Western Cape)    

P.S. I nearly forgot, every theory needs an equation to prove it correct, so here's mine (which may need a bit of work).    If T = time (as we know it) x = the smallest possible next occurrence after Np  PU we know and is the one we are experiencing Np, Up and Ep we know, then:    T = ((Np x) - (PUxUp/Ep))            
What do you think?
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