Do dogs feel any emotions?

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Do dogs feel any emotions?
« on: 11/08/2016 17:53:02 »
Grant Schley asked the Naked Scientists:
   I'm terribly disappointed to learn that my dog doesn't feel guilt.  I want my dog to feel guilt sometimes.  Presumably they feel other emotions such as happy, sad, love, surprise, anger and trust.  My dog certainly doesn't feel pity or does have envy for me when there is only one piece of meat left on my plate.  Other emotions like pride, amusement, respect and hate are less clear.

...just interesting to learn where the lines are.  

Thanks much.
What do you think?
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Re: Do dogs feel any emotions?
« Reply #1 on: 13/08/2016 10:15:44 »

Also, in my opinion, most dogs are capable of feeling guilt - just ask them what happened to your supper and they look very guilty. Don't stop em stealing it mind.

Now for true lack of guilt get a cat. Ask a cat and the look back says it all - whatever made you think that steak belonged to you? [nofollow]
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