Could this be pottery? Also some cool little fossils

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I found some cool little coral fossils while climbing in Red River Gorge, KY last week. In the same area I found these fossils, I also found this strange purplish thing. It was partially stuck in a rock and I pulled it out. There were no other "parts" around it that I could see but there had clearly been a rock slide recently in that area from all of the rain. I thought it looked cool, but now I'm wondering if it is a piece of pottery? Let me know if anyone has any idea what it could be


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Re: Could this be pottery? Also some cool little fossils
« Reply #1 on: 15/08/2016 04:06:22 »
Looks like rock to me. But the surface markings look to be on the surface and not part of the rock itself. The "purple thing only works if this purple thing is what was pulled out of the rock. Now this purple thing becomes a piece of rock then becomes a piece of a bigger rock is a part of a large part, the conglomerate.

Let us know what you mean by the "rock" and the "fossil."
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