Time travel of the mind.

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Time travel of the mind.
« on: 13/08/2016 14:41:44 »
Back and forth like busy little Bee's the Neurons travel around my network, I can think of a future, I can recall a past, my mind is fast, your always going to come last,

so when I recall a memory , my mind is travelling back in time and time travelling , the Neurons can time travel.

added- An object is dropped in the present and falls in the present and lands in the present, I remember it falling from the past into the future the presence moving with it.
The future and past are not futures and past, it is simply a misinterpretation of distance and direction.  The future is a point in space that you can occupy, the present is a space that you occupy, the past is a space you once occupied, but the past can become the future space if you change direction, ''your'' misinterpretation of the world is so poor.

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