What is the geology of the rock formations in Cassis, France?

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Hello. Please help me to explain the geological machanism of these rocks seen in Cassis France.
Photos show a general view of the high cliffs with a thick strater of iron bearing rocks on top;
Close up of weathered debris on the other side of the bay.
Close up of what look like aglomerated pebbles coated with iron.
Small pieces of this iron crust which break away easily and react positively to a magnet.
Small film to illustrate the topography and close vicinity of rapidly eroding limestone ( calcaire)

hopefully you will be able to consult the photos and film.

Thankyou very much and thankyou for the years of great listening to the science podcasts.

PS the photos and film will be sent by email as I cannot join them to this post.

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Re: Geological formation Cassis France
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If you post the link to the picture I would be glad to give it a go.
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