Are near death experiences conscious states or lucid dreams?

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Does neuroscience say for sure that ndes are not conscious states and that they are lucid dreams?  Here is a response from one member and I wish for you to reply to this:

I have not met nor ever encountered a neuroscientist or evidence in neuroscience who or that definitively suggests NDEs are more than nightmares or that the near-death state of brain function is a wakeful, conscious state.   As a point of fact, I have found no neuroscientist who attributes negative NDEs to a brain amid the dying process because of the neurochemical secretions known to occur as the brain becomes oxygen and energy deprived.  Also, I have reviewed or encountered no evidence that a dying brain produces a state equivalent to our wakeful state amid conscious reality.  As I said, a hyperactive brain amid the dying process isn't evidence of hyperconsciousness amid the death process and, as evidence, our brain routinely engages levels of activity that exceed our conscious state whenever we dream.