Unrealistic, and low IQ idea of the US becoming like Norway?

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Isn't the idea that Norway can be the example to follow for the USA impracticable and kind of foolish? The USA has a greatly different history, demographics, strengths and weaknesses. 320 million people!

Wouldn't the US have more in common with Australasia or Canada or Britain?


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In what respect has anyone suggested this? That the USA become selfsufficient in energy? Entirely possible but strategically unlikely. State ownership of basic industries? Politically improbable. Socialised medicine? Ridiculous - only politicians deserve that, and they will continue to make damn sure that nobody else gets it. A high standard of spoken and written English? C'mon youse guys, git yo heads outta you asses. Prime exporter of dried cod to Nigeria? Too late - the Grand Banks have been overfished already. Gun control? Don't make me laugh. Insane right wing mass murderers? Invented in America, surely.

Aha! I got it! a quisling president. Comin' right up, ma'am, and only 80 years late.
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