Physics textbooks

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Physics textbooks
« on: 23/08/2016 04:49:35 »
I went to the MIT Coop last week. I love to wander around and look at the physics textbooks. I find it to be inspiring. However I was totally shocked by the prices of textbooks nowadays. For example: There's a textbook on nuclear physics that I've wanted to got for a long time now. Its Introductory Nuclear Physics by Kenneth Krane. At the MIT Coop it cost over $200. The text on solid state physics by Ashcroft cost over $400!! Then there's the book called A History of the Theories of Aether & Electricity: Two Volumes Bound As One by Edmund T. Whittaker. This is a great book for the history of electrodynamics. And on Amazon it costs over $700! That's just crazy talk. So when I got home I decided to do some searching around and found a wonderful textbook site called  It's a great bookstore website. That text by Krane only cost $20 brand new hardcover!  In fact I bought a copy of it. When it came in the mail it was a paperback though. I hope they didn't do that on purpose. In any case I'm returning it to get the hardcover edition. That one was the only one for only $20. The new paperback edition costs only $10! Wow, huh? :) The other new hardcover editions costs about $57. But even at that price it's a great buy.

So if you're going to start taking courses in physics and you need to buy textbooks then I highly recommend checking this site out first.