Does detector LIGO work on freewill only?

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Does detector LIGO work on freewill only?
« on: 02/09/2016 11:34:05 »
Let me reformulate. There is "strong equivalence principle", see Wikipedia. Therefore, the observation in small laboratory is the same throughout all space and time. Therefore, by looking at the color of the laser radiation one can not detect the incoming gravitational wave. But it was detected this way. Therefore, the wonder of the freewill has happened: detector works due to the spiritual powers. Let us hope, what they came from the Jesus Christ.


The theory of this detector of gravitation waves (the discovery was in 2015) is in article in "Soviet Physics JETP", v.16(2), 433, 1963. But there the frequency of the laser radiation is “vibrating”, ie. is changing (when the gravitational wave comes in). But this is forbidden by Einstein's equivalence principle, which states: all observations are the same in all laboratories throughout all the time.
My personal opinion: The godless occultism has arrived into Science, see also in Google "the human sacrifice in CERN".
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