How does the human body creat the atoms and molecules that make up DNA and RNA?

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David asked the Naked Scientists:
   How, EXACTLY, does the human body created the atoms and molecules which makes up the DNA or RNA? (Yes, it replicates when cells divide, but what process is involved in duplicating the actual atoms and molecules from an atomic level???). This is more to do with physics than chemistry, I think? lol

This is from a physics perspective in the creation of atoms and matter.
What do you think?
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Your body does not create atoms - it obtains them from food.

You could say that your body creates molecules - which it does by joining together and modifying the small molecules which it extracts from your food.

Your body uses enzymes, which are complex proteins to join different molecules together into the molecules dictated by your DNA.

The process of copying DNA into RNA is called "transcription", and it uses Transfer RNA to ferry the 4 basic building blocks of RNA to the DNA template, where they are joined together to make a new strand of RNA. (I know this sounds convoluted - using RNA to create RNA...)

Copying DNA into dual-stranded DNA is done by a similar mechanism.