How do you make a jedi mind trick device.

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How do you make a jedi mind trick device.
« on: 08/09/2016 09:58:13 »
                                                                                                             Ear controlled technology
                                                                                                         The image above depicts the inner ear the muscle depicted as figure 3 is the tensor tympani

Ok this is my question, I want to make a sensor that can detect a signal from the tensor tympani muscle but I don't know how to go about doing that, how do I make such a device?

The reason why I would want something so obscure and specifically strange is for good reason, here is why I want such a thing.
people have the ability to make a low vibration in their ears via contracting the tensor tympani muscle (figure 3), it sounds like that earthquake sound effect, or Jedi force sound effect. I and a good percentage of people have the ability to make this vibration in the ears at will. I would like to use this ear vibration effect to trigger something like to tell headphones to change the song or to push a radio relay button to switch something like a light-bulb on or off like a Jedi wizard.

if you close your eyes really hard you can get the tensor to start vibrating or clenching your jaw or when yawning its hard to explain to people who can't do it.

I would imagine if you put some sort of mic in the ear you might be able to get a signal but I have done nothing yet to try and build such a device Simply because I don't know yet how to go about doing that

the bottom line is that it would be cool to use this voluntary vibration effect for technological reasons but I need to get a signal from that muscle to do it, how can I get that signal?

I think a tiny microphone in the ear could work

Perhaps some sort EMG or something else entirely.

What do you guys think?