What were Asimov's predictions or contributions towards modern communications?

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What do you think were Isaac Asimov s predictions or contributions towards modern communications?


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Isaac Asimov was a great science communicator - he was a prolific author, who produced many accessible essays and books on a wide variety of science topics for the general public.

Asimov's science fiction "4 laws of robotics" were a prescient solution to the dilemma facing designers of Artificial Intelligence, self-driving cars and other autonomous systems (especially military systems). His book "I, Robot" was unfortunately mangled by Hollywood by turning his (mostly) safe robots into a murderous horde taking over society.

However, for contributions to telecommunications, you may be thinking of Arthur C. Clarke (also renowned as a science fiction writer), who documented the concept of a geostationary satellite being used for international communications.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Asimov