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From the point of view of someone without the ability or time to put in the study hours himself but who is interested to  learn what current theory has to say about itself and also at times to listen in to what is being speculated at the edges of what is accepted  as mainstream theory.

It seems important to me that the moderators should be qualified and right up to speed -as well as being capable of communicating difficult points to inquiring and[possibly obtuse contributors (and those on the sidelines)

 It seems to me that that kind of a mod(or able contributor) is like the soldier at whose lowest speed the army marches-except  that the effect from him or her is uplifting rather than leveling down.

So ,what about it . Are there any good such internet sites out there ?(this one perhaps?).I wouldn't object to paying a subscription if required...


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Hi Geordief.  It sounds as though you and I are in much the same position.  I have neither time nor opportunity to search for, and assess, sites, but of the few I have sampled in the past 6 years I would give top marks to TNS.  In general, posters here are patient and willing to discuss topics at various levels. 

One or two of the more knowledgable posters can come across as being a bit dogmatic at times, but don't be put off by that; their hearts are in the right place, or they would not be giving up their time to help "hitch-hikers" like us.
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