Why Do We Get A Mental Piccy When Reading And Also Move Our Lips ?

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Dearest Readologists,

Since ewe are reading this I guess ewe have the power of perusal and scrutinisation. Are ewe per-chancing moving your lips or tongue as ewe read this ?

As a sheepy I am of course extremely well read and very learned on the subject of all things with subjects in them.

look, see below and ewe can see me perusing the Daily Sport for the latest high-brow news of worth !

What i'd like to know is Why doe we get a mental picture of what we read and why do we sometimes even move our lips and tongue when reading ?

Hope to hear from ewe soon !

hugs and shmishes

mwa mwah mwah !!


Reading  oh reading it's fun to read da words
Unlike palms when read seems to me to be absurd

Men are the same as women, just inside out !