Does Rubbing A Painful Area Really Help The Pain Go ?

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Dearest Rubology Scholars,

As a sheepy I suffer pain all the time. yes, it's true ! Its painful to reject the thousands of proposals and favours offered and received daily !...breaks my heart !

It's not the same as a painful limb though.

take a look below at Clarissa Artichoke Guffaw GuildsHall the 3rd !

She's a fine looking philly with not so much happening in the 'inbetween-the-ears-dept'   she's just sprained an elbow playing a third set of tennis but the poor girl needs assistance a she is rubbing the wrong elbow !!

ewe can see me there perched on her should about to enlighten her !

So, Does Rubbing A Painful Area Really Help The Pain Go ?

whajafink ?

i don't know !!...i'm not a doctor !!....i'm a sheep !!

hugs and shmishes

mwah mwah mwah


I got in trouble again
Helping a lady in pain
She was doing gymnastics and fell on her ass
All I did was rub it very fast

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