Is adding favorite books on Facebook a kind of showing off?

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Hello friends,

Do you think that making a favorite books list on Facebook, or other online social media and social networking services, is a kind of showing off?

On an internet forum I read the opinion that “[…] One should never read a book to brag about it later […]” (Google “Does everyone like to read books, or some only read to show off?”).

Moreover, if you are a serious and systematic-serial reader there is a substantial probability of forgetting to include some titles and also some books do not have a Facebook page. Some books will be wronged.

A friend of mine who is a systematic reader and also a books author, does not include favorite books on his Facebook profile.

What do you think regarding the above?

Thank you in advance.

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If you only list books you wrote yourself, you are showing off.

If you list books you haven't read, you are being pretentious.

If you care at all what people write on Facebook, you are in need of a life.
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