Printer Issues - Why is my printer printing gobbledygook?

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This printer has been messed up for about 2 weeks now. I attached a picture of what it's doing. We have other devices connected to the printing network, including cell phones. They print fine. It's only when printing maps using Adobe that this occurs.

I don't know if it's a physical or software compatibility issue.
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You may simply have a driver problem download the free version of Driver Booster 3 or some similar driver clean up program and see if that helps
The next test to make is to attach the printer to a different computer and see how it behaves, if no other computer is available create an additional partition on the existing computer and try either a new operating system or a reload of the present one this will let you decide if you have a haunted printer or a software problem in your computer.
If it runs fine then try running anti virus programs and DISM to clean up your operating system
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Re: Printer Issues - Why is my printer printing gobbledygook?
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If the printer is working fine for all other functions, and from all devices, but plays up only when one particular application is used to print, this is a software problem either in the printer driver or in the way your copy of Adobe interacts with that driver.

In plain English, the "printer driver" that sits on your devices acts as an interface between the applications running on the device (like Adobe) and the printer. The driver interprets and translates what comes out of the application and converts it into "printer speak" so that the printer knows what to print.

I would suggest:

1) Check that you have the correct driver for the printer and that it is the latest version.
2) Remove and re-install the printer driver.
3) With reference to (1), ensure that your OS has run the latest updates so that it is using the current versions of all of its drivers.
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