Is A Zebra White With Black Stripes Or Black With White Stripes?

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Dearest Stripeologists,

As a sheepy i of course luff Zebras. Zebras are my all time favourite non-sheepy but striped horsey type thing.

As ewe can see from the attached piccy of a real zebra, t's difficult to distinguish wether it has white stripes or black stripes !!

Could the fact that they have a white tummy be helpful !! ?

Is A Zebra White With Black Stripes Or Black With White Stripes ?

ewe see, i just dont ewe ?

whajafink ?

hugs et les shmishes

mwah mwah mwah !!


A Zebra with a sore throat is on a prescription course
The only ever time that a Zebra's a little hoarse !!
   lol.....that's quite funny !!..sheepy self smugging mode !! le sigh !!

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I'm pretty sure they're actually red with black and white stripes--ewe can see for yourself by peeling the stripes off!


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The collective noun for multiple zebras is "a dazzle", which is also the name given to their particular form of camouflage. Similar highly contrasting patterning was also employed during world war two to make ships harder to spot at distance. These vessels were, appropriately enough, dubbed "dazzle ships". I'm not sure if it worked though...
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