Question "is it possible that as stars collapse they take there energy with?"

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More had a theory since "energy doesn't disappear but transfer into alter energy to equal value"
because of this had a thought that maybe if the mass energy of a collapsing star goes into a dark matter like area, a space within space and after the universe finally dies were that energy goes actually could be the same space and when the universe is finished the return off all the energy causes a Big Bang
Maybe at that point of energy it unstabalises and boom instead of bonding?
Or maybe the energy in that space of the black hole actually moves through the universe and when 2 of them collide it goes Big Bang and it's just a big cycle?
Is this possible or is all the energy released from a star collapsing actually uses it all up making the phenomenon of black holes and such?

Happy for you to come smash this out of the park proving it impossible because I don't know much about black holes and the Big Bang only being a lonely refrigeration mechanic with not much time to scratch my ass let alone research through all the information on the factors which take place for these things to happen.
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