An equation to describe dark matter's mass densities

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asked the Naked Scientists:
   yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1475753170058_37530 This equation describes Dark Matter's mass densities needed to exist, the volume of space occupied around a galaxy, & the mass needed to orbit around to exist. I looked up info on several galaxies & this equation is oh so very close in every case. The results matched to the correct power of 10 in every case. The variations otherwise could be from rounding, slight errors in measuring, or other similar issues so I think it says something towards it being accurate. I'm sure there's some fine tuning to do but roughly speaking, it's on target.

What do you think?
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Re: An equation to describe dark matter's mass densities
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   If you take that to the logical conclusion the dispersion of the matter has to be consistent with a galaxy rotating as a disk. Which would suggest a uniform grid structure that includes the lens we view in galaxies. The gamma term in relativity has something as its cause. I would suggest that dark mass particles smaller than the electron and spinning at c is what you are calculating as mass needed. Virtual mass? That is just virtual magic. Reality is not magic so we need to actually understand there is a grid matrix to space that causes relativity.