Should you give a breastfed 9 month old baby iron supplements?

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Lindsay asked the Naked Scientists:
   Hi Naked Scientists,

I am hoping you can help as there is so much conflicting information online regarding this question.

Should you be giving a 9 month old baby iron if they are breastfed and on solids? If so, how much and when?

Really look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,

What do you think?
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Only if it is iron-deficient, in which case you should talk to a pediatrician or health visitor, not the internet. Most supplements are harmless, all are unnecessary for a healthy human, some can cause serious harm - especially to babies.

If a healthy baby is breastfeeding well and enjoying solids at 9 months, you are doing the absolute best possible for him/her. Several million years of evolution seems to have got it right: don't fix what ain't busted.
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Iron supplements are one of the more toxic  supplements on the market.
In general, people shouldn't need supplements- they should get all they need from their diet. That's particularly true for a very young child. (Adult might choose to live on junk-food and vitamins but children shouldn't be in that position)
There may be medical reasons why additional iron is advisable but none spring to mind.

However the important point is that you should get healthcare advice from a qualified health practitioner who has seen the patient, rather than from a web site.
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