Theoretically speaking, how would one make a small tin can grenade?

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First off - I don't want to do this IRL. As cool as explosions are, I play video games for a reason. This is purely theoretical, just some research for a LARP I go to where my character is a bit of a... "demolitions enthusiast" and it's getting to the point where I need some knowledge that google isn't being very helpful with.

So, how would I go about making this? Some things explode and some don't, obviously, but what would I need to put together in a tin can to make it go boom (enough of a boom to theoretically kill zombies)? Working specifically with limited supplies and only chemicals available are ones found in household things (so like, I dunno, engine coolant... that sort of thing). I don't need a specific tutorial, just what things I could put together which would work and wouldn't be too unstable or be likely to explode randomly haha. And also, if the "recipe", I suppose, would change based on what shrapnel would be put inside the can (so shredded metal inside or nails stuck into the can etc.).

Yeah, any help/advice is greatly appreciated (or if I've put this on the wrong board let me know and I'll move it to somewhere better suited!).


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Giving instructions on how to MacGyver an explosive-device is a no-no here.
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